Christian Women's Sober Outreach, LLC

Located in Alexander City, AL, is a 14 bed halfway house for women.  The program is designed for a six month stay although in many cases a longer stay is advisable. Sobriety habits and acceptance of “life on life’s terms” cannot be accomplished in the blink of an eye.  Many in early recovery want to make up for lost time spent in their addiction but premature departure from a sober living residence is not the best way and often leads to relapse and further loss of self-esteem.

Mission Statment

Provide a sober/clean living environment for those who want recovery.  Recovery is for people who want it rather than people who need it.

Promote a thorough understanding and personal application of the 12 steps of recovery.

Help clients grow spiritually through development of a personal and trusting relationship with the God of their understanding.

Allow clients with co-occurring disorders to seek appropriate medical help including appropriate medications.  There are some types of mental/emotional issues which are beyond the scope of this facility.

Promote the development of personal responsibility and accountability through house chores and maintaining employment.

Christian Womens Sober Outreach

Promoting sobriety through the development of spirituality
​12 step principles and sound mental health care


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